5 Practical Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding

Many people have a very definite idea about how they want their wedding to look. Many brides have been planning this day since they were really little. So, they know what type of gown they want to wear. They know how many bridesmaids they want to have. They’ve considered what color the bridesmaids will be wearing. They have decided what type of flower arrangements they want to use. And, they know what type of bridal bouquet they’re planning to hold.

No matter how much you may have already planned the wedding out in your head, it doesn’t hurt to consider a few practical issues. Where are you going to hold the wedding. Is it going to be a daytime or nighttime wedding. Do you want it to have a more formal or informal feel to it. Once some of these decisions are made, know that the availability of products will rarely be a problem when you’re working with Party Time Rental.

Considering The Practical Issues

  1. Tent: Whether you’re going for a formal or informal theme, it’s generally a good idea to have your wedding in a tent. You can always rent a tent that’s big enough to hold the total number of people you’re inviting. An open tent is great for the daytime and a tent with sidewalls is good for the nighttime. We even have tents and accessories for when the weather isn’t ideal
  2. Temperature: If you’re worried about temperature control, then don’t be. A tent can be air-conditioned or heated just like any other location. You’ll just need to let us know and we’ll provide mobile AC or heating units.
  3. Dancing: You can also get a dance floor installed in a tent to encourage guests to dance. You can get a disco ball to set the mood. And, you can have a stage set up for the band.
  4. Ceremony: If you’re going for a casual daytime wedding, we have an arch under which the bride and groom can say their vows. We also provide a red carpet that the bride can walk down. We can provide anything you need to make your day special.
  5. Catering: Although you may have already hired caterers for your wedding, you may still need some catering equipment. No one likes hot food that’s cold, or cold food that’s hot. Plus, you’ll need serving equipment such as chafers, trays and pitchers. Your food may be great but keep in mind it also needs to be served in an attractive way at your wedding.

We’ve been in business for 35 years and know exactly what our customers are looking for when planning their wedding. Contact us for more great tips to make sure that everything goes like clockwork.