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Banquet Tables


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Events made easy.

With the largest quantity of tables to rent in Colorado, we can provide for any size event. Our banquet tables are great for weddings, conferences or seminars, booths, company parties and much more.  Make your event planning easy by not having to worry about purchasing and storing tables. You can pick them up or we can deliver them to a day or two before the event and return them after.

We offer multiple shapes and sizes of tables. Need round or specialty tables too? We have them!

We recommend the use of our linens to provide a more elegant look to any event, we offer a large variety of colors and sizes to suit casual and fancy needs alike.

Perfect for any type of event!

Banquet Table Dimensions:

Wide : 30″

Height : 30″

Length : 4′ 6′ or 8′


Make your event planning easier by taking some of the work off of you! We provide set-up and take-down services to those who want them, for an additional labor fee.

Unsure of what size you need to fit your guests? We have an easy to follow size guide.


Our banquet tables or rectangular tables are all your standard 30″ wide and 30″ tall. We have them in 4′, 6′, and 8′ long.

Seating Guide

  • 4′ Banquet can seat 4 – 6 people
    • 4 people comfortably, 6 if you want to use the smaller ends (end caps)
  • 6′ Banquet can seat 6 – 8 people
    • 6 people comfortable, 8 if you want to use the smaller ends (end caps)
  • 8′ Banquet can seat 8 – 10 people
    • 8 people comfortably, 10 if you want to use the smaller ends (end caps)


  • We recommend 2′ per person for a comfortable seating/dining experience. If you desire more space please put that into account.
  • If you are putting the tables in a line, one after another, the end caps cannot be used for the middle tables and you should go with the comfortable recommendation.