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It’s Party Time!

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Planning A Back To School Celebration

  Shh… don’t tell your students but it’s almost time to go back to school. If you work for a university, college, or even a high school or middle school, you are probably planning some back to school events to welcome new and old students. Especially for colleges, welcoming your new students at the beginning... Read More

Plan Your Family Reunion Now!

  Summer Is The Perfect Time To Plan A Family Reunion Now is the time to plan your next Family Reunion. Kids are out of school so people can travel more easily. The weather is great for hosting outdoor events.... Read More

Summertime Means Parties, Events, Celebrations And More!

Summertime means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but for those of us in the party business, it means party time. Graduation parties, weddings, showers and family reunions. No matter the theme, no matter the type, we know that if you’re planning a party, you want to save money and throw the... Read More

Hosting A Fourth Of July Party Made Easy

The Fourth of July is a beloved holiday for many reasons. Of course we are happy to celebrate our country’s independence and the freedom we all enjoy. The Fourth of July also means barbecues, fireworks, face painting, swimming, glow sticks—really all things summer.... Read More

How To Plan An Outdoor Heritage Festival

It’s time to start planning your heritage festival! Are you proud of your heritage and want to spread the knowledge and fun of your cultural background? Are you planning an outdoor festival to celebrate this heritage? Colorado has a number of popular heritage festivals over the summer.... Read More

Throwing A July 4th Party!

Everybody has great memories of the July 4th holiday, so this year make them yours by hosting a really special party for family and friends. The great thing about this holiday is everybody has something to contribute, from fireworks to franks – so the more, the merrier!... Read More

Planning A Summer Wedding? Have A Backup Tent Plan?

It’s summer wedding time! There is an old adage in Colorado that says, if you don’t like the weather, stick around, it will soon change. This is fine when it is snowing, hailing, or freezing cold.But it also applies to warm weather turning nasty. And since the upcoming months are a prime time for planning... Read More

Planning a Class Reunion This Summer?

Are you planning a class reunion this summer? Class reunions are a great time to reminisce, renew old connections, and even make new friends. While life is busy and often takes people in different directions, it is always fun to have high school or college reunion to see the people you spent some of the best years of your... Read More

Hosting A Summer Picnic For Employees Or Clients

It’s a given that almost every business will host a Christmas/holiday party. But what about hosting a corporate function, a summer picnic, to have a fun celebration for your team or your clients in the middle of the year? Summer is the time when people love to barbecue, enjoy the weather outside, and relax with friends... Read More

Plan Your Memorial Day Holiday Party

On Memorial Day, it is our duty to pay respect to the fallen heroes of our country. A day to take time to reminisce about those we have loved. A day to appreciate what our military does for us, and means to us. Memorial Day also provides most of us with a three-day weekend leading... Read More

What’s Involved in Hosting a Large-Scale Event?

What’s involved in hosting an event?  Don’t be scared, but a lot! Hosting a large-scale event can involve a lot of guess-work, especially if you choose to be the planner, or are assigned the task. Large-scale events can seem intimidating, and often include unforeseen particulars that simple gatherings don’t entail. Meeting with one of our... Read More