Turn The Fourth Of July Into An Unforgettable Night

The Fourth of July is the best time to throw a summer party. Follow these instructions to throw a spectacular celebration all your guests will be raving about for weeks afterwards!

Food, Glorious Food

The food that’s served sets the perfect mood for this party. Break out your grill and cook up some All-American classics, like hamburgers and hot dogs. Create a spread of vegetables, mustard, relish, and ketchup so condiments are easily available for your guests.

Dessert is where things can get really creative, especially with the Fourth of July theme. Try re-creating the American flag with a new combination of strawberries, blueberries, and white chocolate morsels. Or create a patriotic red, white, and blue pattern on wooden skewers by alternating strawberries, marshmallows, and blueberries.

You could even include a campfire tradition, and create S’mores under the summer night. Check out this list for even more Fourth of July dessert ideas.

The Set-Up

Guests will love their food even more if they have the right place to kick back and relax while they chow down. Luckily, Party Time Rental boasts an impressive array of high-quality products. This includes tents, where guests can sit in the shade as they catch up with friends, family members, or coworkers. Some tents are large enough that both guests and live music can co-exist under the same roof.

If purchasing a tent, be sure to glance at the accessories available as well. Consider the chandeliers and additional lighting, as they can spark up the party in a festive and classy way.

Make sure to pick a venue with enough seating and an excellent view of the fireworks, so that everyone can see without straining.

The Entertainment

Make this party the talk of the town by choosing the kind of entertainment that best fits your guests. If there’s a large group of teenagers and twenty-somethings coming, set up a dance-floor and dance the night away until the fireworks arrive. Hire a DJ or save some money by just creating a Spotify playlist of Summer Hits.

If this is a corporation-oriented party, consider setting up a game where there’s banned words such as “Account” or “Clients”. The game starts with a guest receiving a special object like a flower or a check. But if that guest speaks the banned word, then that object can be “stolen” by the person who caught him.

At the end of the night, whoever’s holding the object last receives a special price or gets to keep the check. This keeps everyone amused, and also encourages guests to take their minds off work for a night.

If this celebration is more family-oriented, then set up games and prizes so both children and adults can join in on the fun. Check this list out for some unique games that’ll keep the whole family entertained.

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