Throw The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Party!

Throw The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Party!

Margaritas, tacos, and dancing—need we say more?

Just because you can’t be in Mexico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the fiesta to your backyard!

It is a common belief that Cinco de Mayo honors Mexico’s Independence Day (another great party to plan).  Really, it is dedicated to Mexico’s victory from France, also known as the Battle of Puebla. This holiday became popular in the United States to commemorate Mexican culture and we continue to carry on that tradition today!

Send Festive Invitations

There is nothing better than sending out fun and festive invitations to kickstart your party! Most party stores carry Mexican-themed party invitations or get creative and make your own.

  • Use colorful stationary, or look for paper with margaritas or Maracas on them.
  • Buy mini sombrero hats and tie them to each invitation or throw confetti inside as a fun surprise.

Decorating Tips

Spice up your party with the colors of the Mexican flag — green, white, and red. We can provide your party with colorful tablecloths and be sure to use party themed accessories such as:

  • Chili pepper serving dishes
  • Festive napkins, paper plates & bowls
  • Colorful centerpieces
  • Maracas on each table for guests to play with

Hang lights if you want this party to go well into the night! Pinterest has a variety of suggestions and ideas for great party decorations.

Tacos & Guacamole

Set up a taco bar where guests can serve themselves and go back for seconds! We offer the highest quality catering services and we will make sure there are plenty of tables and chairs for people to eat, talk and enjoy themselves at. Some traditional appetizers people love are chips and salsa, nachos, taquitos, and don’t forget the guacamole!

Blended or On the Rocks

When your guests arrive, be sure to offer a delicious strawberry or jalapeño margarita in our traditional glassware. Make the cocktails even more festive with umbrella straws and it will feel like a party on the beach in Mexico without all of the sand!

Fiesta Tunes

Now, what’s a party without authentic Mexican music? Surprise your guests with a Mariachi band to keep the ambiance upbeat and vibrant or have a playlist with a variety of the best Latin tunes! Your guests will never want to leave the dance floor. Teach your friends salsa dancing moves and turn it into a competition to win party favors!  We offer dance floors and stages to give your party the vibe it needs. To make it easy, we deliver, set up, and take all of it down for you.

Fun & Games

A Cinco de Mayo party can be fun for everyone! Some ideas to keep your guests entertained are:

  • Cinco de Mayo themed Piñatas
  • Create a photo Booth with sombreros and mustaches for guests to dress up with.
  • Pin the tail on the Donkey game for kids.
  • Create a scavenger hunt and divide your guests up into teams.

At some point throughout the night, your guests will be craving sweets and yummy treats. We can provide your party with a Snow Cone maker or Cotton Candy machine.

With 34 years of experience and the best customer service you’ll find anywhere, we are here to help you. We have a variety of affordable products available to rent. Contact us today to get started on planning your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. You know, the one your friends will never stop talking about!

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