Throw an Awesome Company Halloween Party

It’s time to start planning for Halloween! Creating a great company culture means celebrating the personality of your team and your brand through traditions. One of the most popular employee traditions is Halloween – a fun holiday without the somber religious tradition of some other dates on the calendar. Here are our six top tips for an amazing company Halloween that builds your company culture – no matter how large your staff may be!

1. Create A Group To Plan Early

Nominate a creative planning committee. For a larger company, have a different department lead each year. This spooky team will have time to propose a party or other activities and any annual theme for the day.

2. Remember Those Childhood Costume Parades?

The simplest celebration is just to encourage costumes at work. Or take it up a notch. A hilarious photo-op and new tradition might include marching around the block, mall, park or parking lot. Will there be a contest, with voting? Announce the categories ahead of time. To make a show of costumes, poses and attitudes, consider getting a portable stage or dance floor!

3. Decorate

Will your retail or reception area be decorated? Could departments or other divisions each prepare a different room or area? Will you be getting an awesome party tent to decorate?

4. Pumpkin Carving Contests

Stop work early and wheel out the pumpkins and supplies. Consider carving them the day before, so the pumpkins can decorate the office on Halloween Day, and employees can re-use for Halloween Night in their own homes!

5. Volunteering Brings Meaning

Consider hosting an onsite Halloween Blood Drive, or getting your people out in costume to help at a shelter, hospital or even a country roadside litter clean-up.  A little levity helps make a rewarding, team-enhancing activity feel fun as well as good.

6. Haunted Brunch Or Out To Lunch?

Morning autumn foods, from hot ciders to themed baked goods and even pumpkin pies, brighten up Halloween in the office. Include fruits to limit the onslaught of sweets! Or you could really celebrate with an offsite lunch or dinner party. Make sure this holiday is memorable. A glorious meal in a tent is an excellent way to create a magical party space and an evening where the whole crew can be together, having fun, without the “winter holiday” concerns about religious inclusion or exclusion. This can become the new company tradition.

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