Save A Tree, Have A Party: It's A Win-Win This Arbor Day

Save A Tree, Have A Party. It’s a win-win! Arbor Day was founded in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton. Officially, the last Friday in April is Arbor Day. This year, it’s April 27th. The day may have humble beginnings: a special day to plant a tree. But it also offers an opportunity to gather with friends and your community to have some fun. For some, a party and manual labor might not appear to go together.

Planting trees and appreciating nature is an event or celebration in itself. You can get outdoors, hang out with neighbors, and get involved with your community. An Arbor Day tree party only needs nature (and some protection from the elements while you are exerting so much energy). The Arbor Day Celebration in Parker, CO can offer great inspiration for your own party: nationally recognized as a Tree City, USA, (95 communities in Colorado have been given this label), the Parker event offers free trees and seedlings, delicious pancakes to munch, planting advice, and more! So, how can you plan your own Arbor “Any” Day event?

Arbor Day Fundraising

Begin at the beginning. You can appreciate nature from the tiny seeds of life it springs from. Organize a planting event in your local park, school or neighborhood. The Department of Conservation in various states offer seedlings as does your local nursery. If you are more eager, utilize some space to store saplings that can be planted. By keeping them out of the hot sun, the trees will be in better shape to be planted.

Another reason for the season is if your community has a new park opening. In 2017, the Town of Superior celebrated Arbor Day at a new park. Contact your parks department to partner with them to hold your Arbor Day tree planting event. Solicit local businesses to donate food and encourage attendance by guaranteeing that even if April showers fall, your guests will stay dry and comfortable.

Sensory Table

If you expect a lot of children to attend your Arbor Day party, consider a sensory table. Or, even if it’s all adults, they no doubt will also appreciate having some fun in the dirt. Keep your attendees cool and corral your party by offering activities that involve the senses: tasting things that grow, seeing plants up close with magnifying glasses, smelling natural objects like herbs, flowers, etc., and then let them plant their choice of seed in a mini garden of potting soil.

Sharing is Caring

Not all trees and flowers can be expected to grow just anywhere. But when properly tended to, a variety of seeds can indeed survive outside their usual climate. Have attendees bring bulbs, grasses, seeds, veggies, etc. to share with others and learn how to plant. The City of Lone Tree holds an Arbor Day event that teams up with a local nursery to offer a variety of shrubbery for sale. Your own event could encourage greater community involvement if you yourself decided to partner with a local tree company.

What is a Party Without Food? Um. Not a Party

You can get people together for a good cause and make them stay because of free food. It sounds cynical; but parties simply aren’t parties unless there are some good snacks. But you need not worry about lugging around equipment. Utilize your party space by laying out a spread of food offerings for all to enjoy.

Theme the foods you offer: using baked goods with dried fruits, fresh fruit, even pudding or crushed up cookies with plastic worms. For those who desire more regular fare, add in the more typical party food varieties, to make sure everyone is happy.

Game Time!

Cool weather or windy weather won’t stop you from being able to plan out a few games. Try a game like nature bingo. Play under the tent if the temperature doesn’t cooperate.

Offer tree-related reading, writing, drawing and crafting activities in between tree planting. Set up a mini stage and arrange a selection of chairs for audience members to sit while they learn about how to prune trees, identify them in the forest, and how to properly plant and attend to them at home in their own backyard. Finally, another activity could be to organize a hike to identify trees in the area.

Start Planting (I Mean Planning) Today

The sky is the limit for party planning ideas, and we can certainly help cover it when needed. Go straight to the source to plan your perfect get-together or party. If you’ve dreamed up the idea, we’ve got the space and materials you need to complete the perfect celebration. Contact us today to help you find the right products and dependable service at an affordable price. We are Colorado’s Special Event Rental Pros.