On Memorial Day, it is our duty to pay respect to the fallen heroes of our country. A day to take time to reminisce about those we have loved. A day to appreciate what our military does for us, and means to us. Memorial Day also provides most of us with a three-day weekend leading into the depths of summer, why not take full advantage of it? Plan your Memorial Day holiday party with the assistance of our professional Event Coordinators and this party planning checklist.


While determining the location, keep a few things in mind:

  • How many people do you plan on inviting, do you want a short or long party, do you want entertainment or a casual, yet fun party?
  • Your home is always an option, depending on how many people you can accommodate.
  • Other options include: Community park (very popular for Memorial celebrations), cabin, senior home, veteran’s home, clubhouse or community event room.


Catering or Ordering Platters:

If cooking does not appeal to you, then it could make hosting a party miserable. Most communities provide an array of catering options. Check around and inquire at local restaurants. Not everyone outwardly advertises their catering options. We can recommend a few caterers to you too.

Also, places such as sub shops, pizza places or a local deli could be a desirable option. You can always compliment with veggie trays, fruit trays and quick salads that are simple to make and serve yourself.


Go traditional, go different, or do both! Word of caution-as the host it is more important for you to be socializing, than caught up in the kitchen or behind a grill. Consider make-ahead dishes or platters, or using crock-pots. Try one of these popular crock-pot entrees from allrecipes: Kahlua pork roast or Zesty Chicken Barbecue (your friends or relatives surely have crock pots you can borrow).


Between Pinterest, food blogs, food shows and recipe sites, everyone is on board for cooking the newest recipe they found! Think again if you feel your neighbors, friends or relatives would be offended by a pot-luck; it may be quite the opposite.

Keep with the theme: If you decide to have a prominent theme, arranging your food ideas around this is an option. It is not, however, required. Do not stress out if the two do not coincide.

FYI: Providing food place cards is recommended. They are appreciated by people with allergies. They also help with any confusing “what is this?” dish, it could be the best dish on the table!!


For some, this is the most exciting part of the party! Keeping it traditional with red, white and blue is still acceptable, and to your advantage-these are simple colors to reuse.

If you are hosting the party somewhere other than your home, view the location and take into consideration what will and won’t work for decorations. Keep in mind fire hazards, electrical availability, and for some locations, decorating limitations (can you put tape on the walls, use tacks, light candles, etc). Here at Party Time Rental, we offer free site consultations that will address many of these issues.

Incorporate ideas that relate to Memorial Day, do not lose the focus. Provide large poster boards that your guests can pin remembrance photos onto, write memories on, etc. Make a note on the invitations for guests to bring copies of any photos. The board could be used afterward in the community (fundraising events, VFW, Legion, parades).

Print off quotes and posters to decorate with, or make your own if you are a talented person!

‘Tis the season to spruce things up with flowers! Incorporate flowers into your ambience that you can use afterward. Hanging plants or pots with flowers can be interspersed, and used afterward, instead of being discarded like flowers in vases.


Set up a kids’ tent, and let them be entertained. Provide crafts, and get them involved in the remembrance by having them make poppy crafts .

Piñata’s are always entertaining, try to find an american flag or something patriotic.

Provide games, and play games with them.

Misc. Memorial Day Tips

Consider having a gathering later in the evening so you can enjoy a bonfire, complete with s’mores of course! Provide some cozy blankets and beverages, such as bailey’s and hot chocolate or apple cider.

Along with your fire, go one step further and set up an outdoor movie screen. All you need is a projector, and you can easily construct a screen with a large sheet and some 2×4’s. Add some popcorn, and you have quite the event. This is something you can use the rest of the summer, and you may become the popular hangout in the neighborhood.

Regardless of where you celebrate, how you celebrate and who you celebrate with on Memorial Day (weekend), let Party Time Rental be a part of your memorable gathering. Contact us to determine how we can make your day simple and special.