Mardi Gras Is Just Around The Corner

Mardi Gras is not just for New Orleans! Knowing the history of Mardi Gras is important so you understand how to pull this off in style. And it gives you an idea about what you need to create the perfect Mardi Gras party for your customers.

Mardi Gras, A History

Mardi Gras is actually the end of the celebration of Carnival, a party running from January 6th until Fat Tuesday, when Mardi Gras is celebrated. Many believe that Mardi Gras is a pagan holiday to celebrate spring and fertility. Others believe it Mardi Gras is simply a rebellion against the church.

There are many traditions involved with this celebration. The most popular being many parades with masks, bright colors, and the throwing of beaded necklaces. Another well-known tradition is that of the King cakes, where a single cake in a large batch contains a small trinket like a small plastic baby. Some people follow the tradition that the person who finds the baby in their cake hosts the next party.

How to Create The Perfect Mardi Gras Party

Since your customer’s don’t have access to an authentic Mardi Gras parade, you can bring an authentic feel to this party with themed decor and colors. Mardi Gras parties are extravagant, to say the least. Use lots of glitter, lights, feathers, and textures to bring the theme to life. Traditional colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold which stand for justice, faith, and power.

Why Use Party Time Rental?

Here at Party Time Rental, we have multiple options for tablecloths, napkins, and more. Give your party some life starting at the tables and chairs. We also have several ornate decor items for rent that, when given a Mardi Gras flair, would thrill any guest.

Even outdoor parties are no problem with our help, as our large tent rentals can accommodate the multitudes. Add a few patio heaters and a fire pit to keep guests warm and comfortable in unpredictable weather. Top your party off with plenty of colorful masks and beaded necklaces, and your guests will feel like they are in the heart of a Carnival celebration. Our staff, with best-in-class customer service, will be happy to assist you in choosing from our high-quality, always available products.

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