Jazz up your Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving celebrations come dripping with tradition, warm fuzzy feelings, and years of experience. That is all fine, of course, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a hair dull. There are plenty of ways to make this holiday as meaningful to your guests as it is to you.

Creative Food Additions

Everybody loves turkey and cranberry sauce…well, almost everyone. Do you have some vegetarians coming over? Picky eaters? People with food restrictions? People who just don’t like the traditional meal? Fear not, there are plenty of options to accommodate them. Our favorite suggestion is vegan pumpkin pasta. It perfectly fits the Thanksgiving theme and tastes delicious.

Put Out A Journal Of Thanks

Get everyone in a grateful mood by putting out a sketchbook and encouraging folks to record in it what they are thankful for. Definitely get people to illustrate their entries. This will be doubly fun at the next Thanksgiving because you have a record of everybody’s life to look over, and it’s always nice to see the little ones’ illustrations improve with time.

Whip Out The Board Games

You don’t have to just watch the game after you are done eating. If you have lots of people who aren’t into football and are going to feel bored watching other people vegetate in front of the TV, pipe some jazz music into a tent set up with board games ready for them. That way, they can have fun and bond with other family members over the time they beat Granny at Clue.

Don’t Forget To Accommodate The Overnight Guests

Not everybody can drive to and from your home in one day. (Also, you know one of your guests might get tipsy. It’s safer for everyone if that person sleeps it off at your house.) So, arrange to have your overnight guests to be comfortable with extra beds.

Thanksgiving should be a time everyone looks back on with joy. And if you want someone to professionally bring out that joy, you can contact Party Time Rental. We have 35 years of experience making sure families holidays to remember.