Throw An Awesome Halloween Party

Get ready for a spooky good time! With the Halloween season quickly approaching, you’re probably wondering how to plan and execute a perfect Halloween party. If you’re fresh out of Halloween party ideas and need some inspiration, read on to find out how to be the talk of your friends this Halloween.

Skeletons And Witches And Ghosts,Oh My!

Plan a fun and festive costume party to kick off the holiday! Encourage guests to dress up and let loose. Ask others to judge and cast votes for scariest, silliest, worst, and most unique costume. It will encourage friendly competition while keeping the party lively. To make things ever more fun, rent a party table and decorate it with Halloween-themed decorations. Have your designated “judges” sit and make their decisions. Then, they can dole out appropriate party gifts to the lucky winners!

Creepy Cocktails

Choose from a giant selection of barware and serve up an array of themed cocktails your guests will scream over! Initiate self-service or designate a “bartender” to concoct witch’s brew, morgue-a-ritas, pumpkin punch, and more! Make sure to include equally as festive non-alcoholic drinks for younger guests, too!

Create An Alarming Ambiance

To truly get in the spooky spirit, utilize a tent or canopy to shelter yourself from the elements and party outdoors! Decorate your space with colorful linens, stick headstones in your lawn, light up the night with ghastly shadows, and play a soundtrack of spooky music and noises that will make your guests hair stand on end.

Games For The Ghouls

Plan an array of games for your guests such as:

  • Halloween feel boxes
  • Murder mystery games
  • Halloween movie trivia
  • Candy corn relay race

Make sure you have all the proper equipment to effectively carry out your games and ensure party-goers enjoy every scream and squeal of the night!

Halloween is a special time of the year, allowing adults and children alike to cut loose and enjoy a night of fun and fright. With 35 years of scary good customer service and high quality products, allow us to help you plan the spookiest party of the century. Contact us today, we’re dying to hear from you!