Spring’s arrival means the festival season will soon follow. Well-thought-out planning is the key to a successful spring festival.

Define The Festival’s Purpose And Target Audience

Knowing why you’re having the festival is an important first step in your event planning. The purpose guides the rest of the event plan.

Potential reasons to have a festival are to make money, raise awareness or funds for a cause, or show appreciation for community support. Or, maybe you just want to provide a fun day for people living in and around your community!

With the purpose identified, it’s easier to figure out who the target audience is. Typical target audiences include current and potential customers, current donors, families with small children, or people who live in a specified geographic area.

Select A Theme

Themes help make festivals fun and give attendees an idea of what they can expect at the event. The theme can also help you attract your target audience. A carnival theme may appeal to the entire family while a theme such as “100 Years of Jazz” will probably only bring adults. 

Consider Logistics And Budget

Now you’re ready to decide your event basics like location, date, time, activities, and budget. Spring’s sunny days require sufficient tent rentals for registration, admission, exhibitors, concessions, and games.

Decide if you’ll provide each vendor and exhibitor with the same number of tables and chairs or if you’ll let them with request how many they need. Renting a stage may be necessary for live entertainment. Also, you need a power source for audio-visual equipment.

Decide How To Handle Food And Drink

Your¬†festival’s purpose will help you decide whether to sell food and beverages or to provide both for free. Selling one and giving away the other is also an option.

Will food be catered, sold by vendors, or prepared by your organization on-site? If a cook-out or barbecue is part of the festival, you may need to rent grills, ice chests, and steam tables. It’s nice to have a tented dining area to give attendees a place to enjoy their festival food.

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