Get Everything You Need To Plan A Sweet 16 Birthday Party

There are many great reasons to throw a sweet 16 birthday party for your little girl. Not only will it make her feel special but it also marks the transition from girlhood into womanhood. Young girls have to make a lot of adjustments as they grow older. And the tradition of throwing them a sweet 16 birthday party helps them to see that they have friends and family on their side as they enter adulthood.

Draw upon our 35 years of experience to make sure your sweet 16 celebration will make your daughter feel special and unique.

Teenage Years vs. Adulthood

The teenage years can be traumatic for some, whether they’re in the “popular” clique or they’re not that popular. Everyone eventually learns the rules of living in the adult world are quite different from the rules followed when they were kids or teenagers.

A Sweet 16 Party Brings People Together

The skills you learn in school don’t always transfer to real life. But a sweet 16 birthday party is a great leveler. It brings together all the kids from different cliques and gives everyone a chance to shine.

Excited 16-Year-Olds vs. Nervous 16-Year Olds

Is your 16-year-old excited or nervous about her sweet 16 birthday party? Different girls react differently to being the center of attention. You can reassure her that the party is there for her to mingle and have fun. The idea is for your daughter to feel comfortable and have a good time, not to get stressed out.

Party Location, Decoration and Food

You can take your 16-year-old with you when you go party shopping. It’s a great idea to hold the party outdoors in a tent and we have many different kinds of tents available. Consult your 16-year-old about the kind of tent she would like to hold the party in—a tent with just a canopy or a tent with side walls.

What kind of food does she want at the party? What about tableware and linens? You can browse through all the decorative items available and encourage her to pick the ones she likes. It’s her party, so it should be to her liking. You don’t have to worry about availability of products because you’ll be able to find everything you need at Party Time Rental.

Party Music and Games

You can make a sweet 16 party fun by getting a DJ who plays the kind of music the teenagers will like. Also remember that 16-year-olds aren’t completely grown up yet and will enjoy playing some games. You can rent a Wheel of Fortune to put prizes on and spin as well as raffle tickets or croquet and volleyball equipment.

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