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Energy & Construction

40x80 Constrution Gable End

Where to Start

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    Calculate out the space you need to cover or provide power HVAC to. With that, we can start figuring out the proper equipment needed to help you continue your construction job.

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    Plan & Design

    We know all jobs are unique, our Tent Specialists can help create a plan and design to make sure your equipment is covered and you have ample work space. left under the tent.

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    We know plans sometimes need adjustments, finalize the coverage, power, and lighting needs to make sure we get it all right for you.

Construction Tent

We appreciate you considering partnering with us for your job! We have been in the business since 1983 and we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff and dependable service. With Colorado's ever changing weather it is important to be prepared for all elements. With us you can continue working without the worry of your equipment getting damaged or putting a hold on your progress!

Past Projects

  • Job: Line Break Repair

    Needed: Coverage

    Tent Size: 15' x 15'

  • 40 x 60 Pool Tent

    Job: Pool Construction

    Needed: Weather Coverage

    Tent Size: 40' x 60'

  • Hail Repair Tent

    Job: Hail Damage Repair

    Needed: Work Area

    Tent Size: 60' x 100'

  • 40' x 80' Pole Tent

    Job: Building Remodel

    Needed: Storage Area

    Tent Size: 40'x100'