When To Go Round Or Rectangle With Table Rental

When planning your special event, getting the right table rental is a critical decision. There is much more than aesthetics when it comes to choosing round or rectangle for party table rental. Round does have a much more elegant look. However, rectangles are easy to join together. What are the things to consider to help one choose? This is a common dilemma and professional party planners have the answers.


What kind of space are you trying to create for your party?

  • Dance Party: If you are trying to maximize dance floor space, ringing that area with rectangle-shaped tables helps to define your dance floor space. It also gives the non-dancers the opportunity to have ring-side seats so they can be close to all the action.
  • Fine Dining: The coziness and elegance of round tables are preferred if the party is centered around fine dining and enjoying one another’s company over the meal.


Consider the type of service that will be provided to guests.

  • Full-Service: Events with full-service staff delivering meals and drinks to seated guests should opt for round tables.
  • Self-Service: Rectangle-shaped tables are better suited for banquet-style dining’s food presentation. Dining tables can be either shape, determined by the dining style and space configuration preferred.


Every host wants their guests to enjoy their experience. That means ensuring plenty of elbow room at the table. Configuring a layout for enough tables to accommodate all guests in a defined space may determine whether a host goes round or rectangle.

  • 8′ Rectangle: Seats 8-10
  • 6′ Rectangle: Seats 6-8
  • 6′ Round: Seats 10-12
  • 5′ Round: Seats 8-10
  • 4′ Round: Seats 6-8
  • 3′ Round: Seats 3-5
  • 2′ Round: Seats 2
  • 2′ Square: Seats 2

General Table Rental Tips:

Whether your event is casual or formal, plan it with your own vibe in mind. Look at the big picture of venue space, such as ceiling height, to plan table formations. Play with height when it comes to decorating tables. Use tables to create lines of color and texture for a 3-dimensional decor that has real wow factor.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different table shapes. Create a cozy cocktail corner. Feature a long line of rectangles as a central focal point. Arrange in threes, clustering tables as trios.

In the end, this is your event. A professional event planner is your partner to make your dream party come true. For more tips and information on all those important little details, please contact us.