A new trend among families is to host a “Sip & See” Party to welcome their newborn baby. This southern-inspired party usually takes place instead of a baby shower. And unlike a traditional baby shower, a Sip & See takes place after the baby is born. This allows family and friends to meet the baby and enjoy spending time with other friends and family members. If you’ve got a new baby in your life, or one on the way, here are a few ideas to help get your party planning underway.

Prep The Location TO Welcome Your New Baby

Sip & See parties can take place at any venue, but a backyard setting can be laid-back and easy. To help set the space and protect your guests from the weather, rent a tent or canopy. Reserve enough tables and chairs for everyone. Choose pink or blue linens to decorate the tables and add color.

Sipping & Snacks Menu Ideas

While the main purpose of the party is to introduce your new addition to everyone, it’s still important to have some snacks and sipping options available for your guests. For a brunch inspired menu consider serving pastries with a coffee station. Make coffee ahead of time and store in a hot beverage dispenser. As another option you can set up a champagne bar. Display champagne flutes on a long table and let guests create their own cocktail by providing champagne and fresh fruit mix-ins. Since most people will be mingling, serve a variety of smaller finger foods. Pre-cut sandwiches, popcorn, veggies and cheese make snacking easy. For 100+ recipe ideas check out Southern Living’s appetizer gallery.

For more inspirational ideas on Sip & See parties visit Better Homes & Gardens, and for all of your party planning needs, please contact Party Time Rental today.