Want To Host A Party? Let’s Find Something New To Celebrate!

It’s time to host a party! Many people host summer parties for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day, but what about celebrating some lesser known holiday’s this summer? Not only is it a great reason for a party, you could also educate your guests on different celebrations, foods and cultures.

Host A Party!

When planning to host a party, you can start with a specific date and look for holidays celebrated on that day. Or you can select a holiday and research others that fall on the same day. For example, look at June 11. After researching June 11, we found out that it is National Making Life Beautiful Day. What better way to celebrate to host a party for all the people that make your life beautiful? Other, party worthy, holidays falling on June 11 are: King Kamehameha Day, Corn on the Cob day, National Cotton Candy day and National Lemonade day. We’d come to any of these parties if invited!

Set The scene

Once the date and theme is selected you can start planning! Using the June 11 example, here are a few ideas for how Party Time Rental can assist you in creating an unforgettable and educational event.

Since a great gathering celebrates a beautiful life, let’s start by tackling the King Kamehameha Day celebration. For starters let’s create the mood. Hawaii is known for warm weather, especially in summer. So, host a party outside and rent one of our tents in case of rain or for people to get out of the sun for a bit. As they bask in the warmth, classic Hawaii 5-0 episodes could play in the background on one of our movie screens. In no time your guests will feel thousands of miles away enjoying a tropical sensory experience.

Eat and Educate

The next step to creating a celebration is to feed and educate your guests. Continuing with June 11 themes, your menu could include Kalua Pig (aka pulled pork), garlic shrimp, corn on the cob, cotton candy, spiked and plain lemonade.

To educate your guests you could print facts about each celebration on small paper napkins. Another idea would be to create a trivia game that also educates.

With 14 weeks of summer, you’re sure to find a few days that includes party worthy holidays! Having been in business since 1983, Party Time Rental has helped with all types of celebrations. You can be confident we will have everything you need to make your celebration memorable, no matter which holiday(s) you chose! Contact us today and our full time, experienced staff will be happy to help you start planning!