Throw Great Parties

Throw great parties. Bored guests are every host’s worst nightmare. Worried that your upcoming party will be a snooze? Let Party Time Rental’s 35 years of experience help. Here, we suggest a few ways to ensure a great time for everyone.

Plan Ahead

Sure, organizing sounds like the opposite of fun. But the better you plan your event, the more your guests can relax! There’s no need to stress yourself out, as long as you remember the basics.

Know Your Event

Your party planning depends on your party. As these guides from Real Simple and The Spruce make clear, a wedding is much more involved than a neighborhood potluck, even though both events require invitations, music, and plenty of tableware. Guests don’t expect lots of activities at a small gathering, so comfy seating and some informal games will probably keep their interest. On the other hand, guests at a large, structured event expect plenty of entertainment, from movie screens to disco balls. Plan accordingly!

Know Your Guest List

Now you understand the occasion, but who’s invited? Consider the age, interests, and abilities of your guests. Adults might enjoy activities that enable conversation and laughter, like bingo or a raffle. On the other hand, a younger crowd might prefer fast-paced physical games like tag or volleyball. And everyone loves a shiny prize, so a Wheel of Fortune could be a universal hit.

Party Time!

Finally, everyone’s here! But are they having fun?

Is conversation buzzing, or are your guests still shy? Maybe they’re already playing games, or they’re still milling around. In any case, the end of a party rarely looks like the beginning. Give the crowd a chance to warm up. Maybe once they’ve all finished their snow cones, they’ll be hands-free to hit the dance floor.

You threw this party; you should get to enjoy it! Eat, mingle, and spend time with your guests. If you’re having a good time, they’ll take your cue and enjoy themselves, too.

Excited to test our advice? We can help you plan an event everyone can enjoy. We offer plenty of high quality products for your guests’ entertainment and comfort, and if you need help, our full-time staff provide best-in-class customer service. Make your next party your best party by contacting us today!