Whether you’re planning an outdoor party, corporate event, small get together with friends, or a beautiful outdoor wedding there are a few things that you’ll always need to do, or avoid, to make your event a success.

Do Plan For Bad Weather

Even if the sun has been shining for weeks, that doesn’t guarantee it won’t rain on your event day. You can hope and plan for beautiful weather, but you must have a backup plan ready in case the rain starts to fall. If you don’t want to move your event indoors, a tent is a great backup option to help you keep the outdoor vibe you wanted without forcing your guests to get soaked.

Don’t Make Your Guests Uncomfortable

While you’re probably hoping for a beautiful sunny day, you don’t want to cook your guests under the sun’s powerful rays. You should plan your outdoor event for a time during the day when the temperature isn’t at its warmest. No one is going to have fun when they’re overheating. Make sure you also provide plenty of refreshments to help keep everyone cool.

Do Have Fun With Activities

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a formal or casual event, you want your guests to enjoy themselves. If you’re having a casual party, you can include lawn games or outdoor competitions. Pass around finger food or serve snow cones. If you’re hosting a more formal event you can make the event space feel magical with string lights and hanging lanterns. And of course, dancing beneath the stars is an enchanting experience that your guests won’t soon forget.

Don’t Forget About Necessities

You’re outdoors, so there are some luxuries that might not be readily available. You need to make sure you have a connection to power and access to restrooms. These aren’t glamorous things, but if you neglect to think about them, they can completely¬†ruin your event. Also, since you’re outside, it’s a nice touch to offer your guests sun and bug protection to ensure they’re comfortable.

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