Table Setting Rentals

Learning how to set your table for a formal event is not very hard. In this post you can learn the proper way to set a table for any formal event.

  • Place the dinner plate down first on the place-mat.
  • The salad plate and/or soup bowl goes on top of the dinner plate.
  • The forks go to the left of the plates, with the dinner fork being next to the plates, and the salad fork placed next to the dinner fork, further from the plates.
  • The napkin goes on the other side of the salad fork, folded neatly. You may place a decoratively folded napkin on top of the salad plate instead.
  • Place the knife and spoons to the right of the plates. The knife goes nearest the plates, with the cutting edge facing the plates. A teaspoon goes next to the knife, with a soup spoon on the other side of that.
  • Above the plates, place the cake fork, with the prongs pointing to the right. Above that, place the dessert spoon, pointing to the left. The place card goes above the dessert spoon.
  • To the left of these, add a bread plate and knife.
  • The glasses form a diagonal line, starting with the wineglass (white) placed to the right of the soup spoon, just above it. Then comes another wineglass (red), and finally the water-glass placed near the dessert spoon.
  • Place the teacup and saucer with the dessert course.

See an example here.

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