Barbecue hamburgers at your next picnic

Do you plan on hosting an outdoor barbecue or picnic this summer for family or business associates? You’ll want to rent the right equipment, decide on a specific theme, and a menu that impresses your guests. Keep reading for ideas to help you plan an outdoor barbecue or picnic that meets your specific needs?

Pick An Outdoor Barbecue Theme And Menu

There are many different themes for outdoor barbecues and picnics. With a nautical theme in the warmer months, you can serve fish and chips, shellfish, or broiled fish using nautical tableware and special decorations.

There are many different types of barbecue styles. Serve beef, chicken, pork, or rib recipes using decorative tablecloths under a rented tent or two. Make barbecue or grilled recipes that reflect your region of the country.

How about a Wine, Cheese, and Appetizer Picnic with hot appetizers, sandwiches, assorted cheeses, wines, and tasty desserts. Don’t forget to send out the themed party invitations.

Plan Activities For Kids And Adults

Most children and adults want to participate in activities at an outdoor barbecue or picnic. Play board games with adults, a game of bocce, plan a swimming party, a scavenger hunt, dancing, volleyball, a talent show, or trivia game.

Buy prizes to give away, for competitions or contests. For children, purchase jump ropes, squirt guns, a slip and slide, blow bubbles, make crafts, play games, or sports. Activities are fun after eating a meal, and a way to enjoy the outdoor summer weather.

Think About The Setup

How many guests do you plan on having for your event and what type of layout do you need? There are round tables, square, and banquet size available to rent.

You can rent linen tablecloths to fit these tables in different colors and styles. What types of plates, glasses, or flatware will you need for your event? Perhaps, you want to rent a few tents in case of inclement weather. We have many different accessories to decorate with and equipment to make your barbecue and picnic a smashing success.

We have many different types of cooking equipment. Our facility rents ice chests, coolers and small freezers to keep beverages cold. Rent a bar, shakers, and special glassware. For outdoor cooking, we rent grills, griddles, steam tables, fire pits, ovens, and fryers.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you plan your next barbecue or picnic.