How To Plan A Wassail Party

As the holidays approach, are you looking for a creative theme for your party at home, or are you responsible for a corporate event? Look no further than a Wassail Party. “Wassail” is a traditional English punch, consisting of mulled cider and spices. It’s very easy to make, and is traditionally served with cinnamon sticks and apple cake, but is also a great complement to either a full meal or appetizers.

Wassail has also given its name to winter festivities. Remember the holiday song that begins “Here we come a’caroling/among the leaves so green”? Well, it’s official title is the Wassail Song. Wassail is a call to party, hear music, and celebrate the winter and imminent new year. Because of its association with the new year, you can celebrate all the winter holidays with a Wassail party (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and more).

So how do you plan a Wassail Party, especially when the holidays are already so busy?

Plan A Little At A Time

The key to holiday parties is the same as the key to many other good things: planning. First, make a vow to do just a little planning at a time. Take 15 minutes at the end of a busy day. Jot down ideas. Sit with friends to brainstorm.

What kind of party do you want? An open house, to get to know neighbors? A quiet party with just close friends or family? A game night? A couples party? A sing-along with holiday music?

After you decide which kind of party, plan where it will be. Do you need reservations? Make sure it’s affordable for everyone you invite. What do you need for the space? Chairs? Tables? Tents? Think through what would make your guests comfortable, either to sit and talk one-on-one or to mingle extensively.

What kind of food and drink do you want in addition to wassail? Roast goose? Cheeseburgers? Vegan or vegetarian? Will it be a potluck? Do you want to cook, or invite other people to cook? If not, will a restaurant cater?

Make your guest list. Will you be inviting people via e-mail, or do you want holiday-themed invitations? Do you want to hire a friend to sing invitations to all the invitees? Could be fun, if you know someone who likes to sing.

Let Party Time Rental help you make your Wassail party easy to set up. Wassail can be made the centerpiece of a cocktail party by renting tables and placing festival bowls on them. If you’ll have a large group, a tent rental is a great idea. We have rentals of tents, tables, and chairs to meet all your holiday party needs. 

Contact us for more information. We’ve been in business since 1983 for a reason! We can help make any party a huge success.