Having a wedding? An Anniversary? Or maybe a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two? Fold napkins into hearts for your party or event. This could be perfect for the final touch on your table setting.

  1. Fold the square napkin in half, so you have a rectangle, not a triangle.
  2. Next, fold your rectangle in half so that it’s a thinner rectangle, not a square. The finished product may look nicer if you make this fold so that the top edge comes just below the other edge.
  3. Lay the folded napkin so that the folded edge is the bottom edge, then find the center at the bottom edge.
  4. At the center, fold one side up vertically so that it makes a right angle. It should look like an L turned sideways. For this step and the next, it might be easier to place your finger at the center point and hold it there as you fold each side up.
  5. Now, fold the other half up so that the center of the bottom edge is a point, and the two sides fold up, meeting in the middle.
  6. Fold down each of the top four corners so that they look rounded, therefore giving the final touches on the heart shape.
  7. If you like, you can press each fold of the heart with an iron. Be sure to use the proper iron setting for the fabric of the napkin! Once you have finished pressing the folds, it’s ready for the table!

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