A Family Reunion is an awesome event! There are few celebrations more heartwarming and memorable than having all generations gather to have fun and reminisce. But planning a successful reunion has many layers and you will need a support team to cover all the details. Our professional event coordinators have years of experience to bring together a plan to guarantee success for your event. Here are a few things that you can do to prepare. 

Plan The Best Family Reunion Ever

1. Decide on a date. Most experts recommend an average of 12 months to cover all the preparation and time for the families to save their money. Next is location. The Denver and Colorado Springs areas are rich in venues for every price range and taste. From an elegant mansion to rustic ranches and everything in between you are sure to find the perfect fit for your family.

2. Create a budget. Of course you want quality, but be mindful of the amount everyone in the family tree will have to spend, including travel expense. Do not make it so grand it is out the reach of the furthest branches.

3. Make an agenda. Start with an introductory meet-and-greet to re-introduce everyone. There could young ones that some have never met. Organize games to keep the children occupied and connected. There should also be a quiet place arranged for those who need to step away from the noise for a bit. Send out a questionnaire to determine any special needs among the group; be it medical, dietary, mobility. Make sure there is something meaningful to do for everyone attending.

4. Create a scrapbook. You can choose an actual hard bound book, or a virtual online scrapbook. Since you have some time, gather pictures from as far back as possible and enlist the help of other family members. People love to see old photos that spark memories and the re-telling of stories. Of course, you want to record or upload all the moments of the reunion in real-time as well.

Here’s Where We Come In

5. Set Up. Set Up. Set Up. Here is where we come back in. We offer tent rentals along with tables and chairs and everything in between. We can even set up a dance floor so young and old alike can boogie the night away. Our product is of the highest quality with competitive prices. Let us provide a free quote for all your needs.

Planning a family reunion is a huge undertaking. But the rewards and memories are priceless. We are here to help you. Contact us and take advantage of our excellent style and service for all your events and celebrations.