Equipment setup for your upcoming party is often overlooked. As you’re getting ready for your big event, remember that success is in managing the details. Great party planning requires anticipating the needs of each element within the plan.

Take food trucks, for example. If you’d like to bring one in, you must ensure your venue provides the correct electrical output. Some food trucks require 50-amp electrical service, like large RVs use. Is that available, or can the food truck owner use a converter to access 30-amp service? This isn’t something you want to discuss as your guests arrive.

Some food trucks use generators – are those allowed at the venue? What type of fuel will they use? Will it smell or smoke?

Make sure there are also enough electrical outlets for things like lighting, heat or cooling sources, the DJ’s equipment, etc. Each vendor should provide a list of their space and electrical requirements. They should indicate whether they need a platform or table, or if these are included with their service.

It’s Not An Event Without A Tent

Now let’s consider party tents. It’s important to walk the grounds with your event coordinator to ensure there’s room for the tent. Safety is always our number one concern, so be sure there’s enough space to secure the tent; that goes double for exposed areas that may be subject to breezes.

Terrain is a vital consideration too. Sure, it’s a beautiful thought to have your tent in a field or on a hill with a lovely view. Keep in mind a tented site should be fairly level with space enough for tables and seating, and room to get around.

Look for trip hazards in the area to be tented; are there rocks, roots, or potholes? These can be spots for decorations if there aren’t too many of them. A platform is another great idea to cover a patch of rough terrain. Our stages come in 4’x8′ sections and in heights of 8″, 16″, 24″, and 36″. Dance floors also come in sections and are assembled to your desired size.

Don’t Overlook The Equipment Setup

If you’re planning on having musicians, we’ve got the platforms they’re accustomed to using. A bandstand should provide 10 sq.’ per band member. Drummers need twice that amount of space, and a piano can require anywhere from 30 to 100 sq.’

If you’d like to include a platform for the bar, allow 200 sq.’ and determine whether that will be in the tented or untented area.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. Time to take a trip to your dream destination and draw it all out. Bring a long measuring tape or pace the area so you’re absolutely sure your venue can accommodate everybody and everything with room to spare.

Contact us to learn more about matching the right tent to your venue and party size. We’ve also got creative ideas for working with your venue’s unique challenges.