Entertain Your Guests With A Carnival Theme

Choose a carnival theme for your next party! Having a themed party is a memorable way to engage and entertain your guests. No one likes a boring party. A theme also helps direct the look and feel of the party. It makes the event appear well-organized and thought out—even if it’s full of last minute surprises.

Whether it’s a corporate event or a birthday celebration, a carnival theme is a fun and exciting theme. And, it can be put together simply and affordably. All this theme needs to be successful is some basic elements, some DIY creativity, and a lot of playfulness.

Setting The Stage For A Carnival

Probably the most important part of a carnival themed party (if you can’t find elephants and flame throwers) is the circus tent. It will be the first thing your guests see as they arrive and will immediately set the stage for what to expect throughout the event. It will also provide shade and a safe spot for gifts and food.

Feeding The theme

What is a carnival without treats? The best part about this theme is its simple and inexpensive food options. Cooking up a bunch of hot dogs from the grill and hosting fun stations like cotton candyand popcorn will put your guests in the carnival mood. Bonus points if you have fun popcorn or hot dog toppings.

For drinks, fill a trough with ice and both kid-friendly and adult-friendly beverages, including carnival classics like glass coke bottles and root beer. You can also create a fun lemonade stand using drink dispensers and adding fruit. Make sure to have fun striped straws for your guests, too!

For serving, you can use the tent as a makeshift “food tent,” using long tables with colorful linen, and make your own fun signs that explain each dish. Tie balloons to a rope, then anchor it down with a golf tee to line the area. Use those same balloons and rope on the backs of your chairs to add more fun to the area.

Entertain Your Guests

Lastly, don’t overlook the games. For each game area or booth, hang different colorful sheets from rope or clothing line and create booth titles out of construction paper and glue. Each area should look different from the one next to it and be large enough for what the game includes.

Wheel of fortune: Using a Wheel of Fortune spin board, give your guests a chance to win fun prizes by assigning each number a type of prize. Example: 1-15 wins a bag of candy, 16-25 earns a small stuffed animal, and 26-40 wins a fidget spinner. Ultimately, the gift should be simple but worth playing for. Use bulk stores like Oriental Trading to buy a variety of gifts at a good price.

Face painting: This can be as easy as hiring an aspiring young artist—or recruiting someone you know—to paint butterflies or other simple drawings on children’s faces. For most children, they won’t care if the quality is top-notch as long as it’s the colors they prefer.

Spray Away: All you need for this is a small table covered in linen, a piece of foam board, golf tees, ping pong balls, and water guns. Cover the foam board in leftover construction paper from your game signs and insert 10 golf tees one inch apart. Put a ping pong ball on each tee and arm your contestant with a filled water gun. The goal of the game is to knock off as many balls as possible before running out of water. You can reuse prizes from Wheel of Fortune here.

Knock Down: After a few of your guests have finished their sodas, grab the empty cans or bottles to reuse for a game of knock down. Simply stack the cans or bottles, set on a table, and use a plastic ball to try and knock them down. Just make sure to test first to make sure it’s easy enough.

Whatever your party theme, Party Time Rental has the equipment and full-time experienced staff you need to make your vision come to life. Contact us for your next big carnival event.