An outdoor movie party is a great excuse to take advantage of the late Spring / early Summer weather. And who doesn’t want to party outside whenever they can? Why not host an outdoor movie party, complete with all the fun details? The first Drive-In Theater opened in June 1933 and has since been a sign of warm summer nights and fun with friends.

We’ve Got It All

A tent or canopy to cover the space would ensure your movie viewing could take place, rain or shine! Encourage guests to bring blankets for seating and set up our antique popcorn machine for a genuine touch sure to delight friends of every age. Our two-tier bar would make a perfect Concession Stand to fill with candy and soft drinks.

Create the invitations for your evening to look like movie tickets and be sure to include the movie you will view, along with the times for concessions and when the show will start.

Use a projector on your smartphone or computer and hang a white sheet or canvas material from your fence or on a frame made of PVC. we can even provide you with a portable generator to help power any ambient lighting and other equipment you need to set the perfect ambiance for your outdoor theater. If you want to be sure the party continues after the movie ends, pick a dance-inspired flick like Dirty Dancing, Flashdance or Happy Feet (if you need something more kid-approved) and set up a dance floor following the show.

We would love to help you plan the perfect outdoor movie event that is sure to excited your friends and family! Give us a call today for an estimate and to reserve your rentals! Don’t forget, set-up and tear down is included, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy.