I bet you’ve been to boring parties. It’s sad but it happens; a customer comes in to pick up their rental items with no time to spare and asks us why there’s a popcorn machine in the corner. “It’s for customers to use,” we say. “Oh no!” they say, “If we’d only realized before now!”

So we’re getting the word out. If you need fun things to do at your party, we’ve got them right here and waiting. That’s right – we know a little something about how to make your party less boring. All it takes is a little planning and scheduling while you’re putting your party together.

Let’s Start With No Boring Food

We’ve got a whole Concessions page devoted to the topic. Maybe you were thinking of firing up the home grill to make hot dogs for all the kiddies, but our hot dog roller keeps them hot until the little ones are ready. Not only that, but those puppies won’t have little charcoal flakes on them to upset fussy eaters.

For dessert, we’ve got that popcorn popper we mentioned, a chocolate fountain, a cotton candy machine like you only get to see at the fair, and a snow cone machine with supplies that let you master the art while impressing all your guests. Oh, yes. They will be talking about this party for years to come.

If you do want to grill and don’t have the grill space to match your party size, check out the party-sized grill on our Outdoor Equipment Rental page. Here’s a great tip – don’t limit yourself to the typical grilling fare. Make things interesting with new foods and even desserts that are perfect for grilling. Invite your friends with tempting ingredients and seasonings, and provide some recipes in large print that they can try. It’ll be like walking on the set of their favorite cooking show.

We’ve Saved The Best For Last

Game time. We’ve got tons of options, from active games including horse shoes, croquet and volleyball to audience participation treats like raffle tickets and Bingo.

We’ve also got a Wheel of Fortune, which is a great way to incorporate your party theme into your game time. For a bachelorette party, assign makeup and flirty items as the prizes. Children love to win small toys and candy with every spin. You can also use it to give out promotional items at business functions, or party favors at a neighborhood get together.

Make your prize wheel interesting with a “big money” prize on one space. Just don’t forget to assign a secondary prize underneath it, once somebody snags the top one.

Finally, you can mix it up and use our Wheel of Fortune to spin for challenges instead of prizes. Think up some fun but friendly ideas that match the age level and theme of your event.

Ready to start hatching plans for your next big event? There’s no excuse for you to host a boring party.  Contact us today and let’s get this party started!