Are You Ready For Some Football?

With the weather cooling off and football season in full swing, now is the best time for a pig skin inspired party. Throwing a great outdoor party is easy with some planning and a little help. Here are a few things to consider when putting together your next bash.

Football Food

Hot dogs and burgers are traditional fare. Consider renting a propane BBQ to make sure your munchies supply keeps up with your guests’ demand. If you serve a wider range of foods, a steam table may be more appropriate.


If a few beers in the fridge is not enough to meet your needs, there is a solution. From ice chests to drink fountains, consider the type of liquid refreshments you wish to serve and the number of guests who will be drinking.


While cool temperatures are ideal for an outdoor party, weather changes in an instant. Prepare for cold with heaters and rain with tents. If an unexpected heat wave hits, misters cool down large numbers of guests efficiently.


Color coordinate to your team of choice. Plates and tablecloths represent just a couple of customizable items. Let people know who you root for.

The Game

Most importantly, a football party needs an unobstructed and comfortable view of the game. If you have too many people to fit around your living room TV, you can still watch in comfort. Pull up some lawn chairs and enjoy the game al fresco with an outdoor theater system.

Whatever your plans, we will help you throw a football party that people will be talking about all season long.