Activities And Prizes for Kids, Adults And Seniors At Your Party

Activities and prizes can make your party more fun! You can plan your party depending on the guests you are inviting.  Is this a party for kids? Adults? Seniors?  Depending on who’s attending your party, you can organize fun and games they will find interesting.

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Activities For Kids, Adults And Seniors

For example, if you’re having a party for kids, it can be a lot of fun to have games like a Wheel of Fortune or volleyball.  If you’re going to have adults at your party, then you might want to have a dance floor and a disco ball.  When you invite seniors, you might want to have a raffle or play bingo.

In general, the level of activity decreases as the age of your guests increases.  But this is not a hard and fast rule because there will be times when even older people might like to do something active.  So you can mix things up a little bit and introduce activities that that age group may not be used to.

Prizes For Kids, Adults And Seniors

If you change the prizes on the Wheel of Fortune, it can appeal to any age group.  For kids, you might want to have stuffed toys or toy cars.  For adults, the prize can be a bottle of alcohol or an inexpensive drone.  Or you could go with a gift card from a store where many things are available or a coffee shop.  This way, people can choose their own gift.  A day at a spa also makes for a nice prize for adults or seniors.  Movie tickets are another great option.

Prizes For Various Types Of Games

You can give people these prizes for other games too, such as bingo.  And if you’re having a raffle, you can get people excited about it by announcing the prize at the beginning of the party, then making them wait for a while until the winner is announced.  This gets people interested in what’s going on and makes sure that they wait around and mingle until they find out whether they’ve won or not.

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