5 Ways To Add A Parisian Theme To Your Next Party

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we’re already getting into the romantic spirit. Where better to be romantic than Paris? So, add a Parisian them to your next party! Paris is one of the most romanticized cities on the planet, and for good reason. A site of history, love, and struggle, Paris has a compelling beauty to it. If you want to bring a small piece of that to your next party, here are some simple ways to add a Parisian theme. For more suggestions, check out Reason To Party.

#1: The Music

Paris has always been a center of culture, and art. One of the most identifiable things about the city, though, is the music that fills it. An easy way to add a touch of Paris to your party is to create a playlist that adds some ambiance. Hide the speakers, and it feels like there’s a band of street musicians just out of sight.

#2: A Parisian Spread

Every party needs to have refreshments, and France is famous for its cuisine. Whether you’re choosing wine, cheese, sandwiches, or just finger food, ask what people would find at a party in Paris. What you’re eating can do a lot to create the right atmosphere. Also, be sure you have the proper tools to lay out your spread, and keep it appetizing all night long.

#3: Decorations

If you want to be subtle with your event, then go for classic French conversation pieces, and copy the designs for some of their more elegant soirees. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a few, smaller versions of classic Parisian landmarks to decorate your party. A replica of the Arc de Triomphe over the entrance makes a bold point about what this party is all about, and it could help attendees get into the swing of things. Even well-placed candelabra can do the job.

#4: Furniture

If you want to keep things casual, sidewalk cafes are one of the most iconic images of Paris. Even if you don’t want to host your party outside (which is an option during warmer months), wrought iron and espresso can go a long way toward capturing the feeling of Paris.

#5: Invitations

It’s important to set the tone as early as you can, so people know what they’re getting into. An invitation that looks like something from Paris (even if it isn’t written in French) is going to help get your guests in the proper mindset before they even RSVP.

For more tips on how you can make your next party an unforgettable event, simply contact us today!