Tips for hosting a quinceañera

We know you want your quinceañera celebration to be special. When you’re planning an event, you need to take into account what the occasion is and what age group will be attending. So planning a quinceañera is going to be quite different from planning a wedding or a holiday celebration. Of course, a quinceañera isn’t necessarily going to be filled with 15-year-olds. Many family members who are older will also be present. But still, you can expect a younger crowd overall. And the theme of the party should be youthful, as befits a 15-year-old. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you throw a great party:

  1. Venue: The venue of a quinceañera can be similar to the venue of a wedding. It can be quite convenient to hold a quinceañera in a tent because you can get tents in many sizes, depending on how many people will be attending. However crystal glasses and formal flower arrangements might feel a bit stifling at a quinceañera. Instead, go with colorful crockery and playful decorations. A bunch of daisies is likely to look as pretty as a formal arrangements of lilies. It will also feel more appropriate for this occasion.
  2. Music: Younger people are going to be listening to different music than older people. So you need to find a DJ or a band that resonates with them. Start the dancing off with a slow song but not necessarily anything formal, like a waltz. Just a pop ballad will do equally well. And then follow it up with faster numbers so that everyone gets into the mood. You can also rent a dance floor for your tent and a disco ball, to create a festive atmosphere.
  3. Mocktails: Nothing makes a person feel all grown up like clutching a cocktail glass. But of course you wouldn’t want to have alcohol at a quinceañera, except maybe for the adults. And even then, it’s going to be quite difficult to keep it out of the hands of younger people. So it would be best to avoid alcohol altogether. But you can make these younger people feel all grown up by serving mocktails, which are basically just cocktails without the alcohol. Serve them in sophisticated glasses with a little garnish or an umbrella.
  4. Cake: Cutting the cake is an important birthday ceremony. And no matter how old your child gets, they’re still going to enjoy that moment where they get to blow out the candles and make a wish. So you need to have a birthday cake with the requisite 15 candles.
  5. Dress: One of the most important elements of a quinceañera is going to be the dress. The dress should be something that makes the 15-year-old look and feel beautiful. So try not to impose your own ideas about what she should wear. Most 15-year-olds aren’t going to want to wear ball gowns although some might be excited about the idea. If your 15-year-old wants to wear a simple flowing chiffon dress instead, go with that. Even something simple can look beautiful and elegant with the right hair, makeup and accessories. The point is that she should still look and feel like herself.

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