After the melee of the end of the year, with endless holidays and celebrations, the first few months of the new year can be sort of depressing. The weather is cold; and it can be tricky to plan outdoor activities. What better time to host a winter-time party? And, there are plenty of ways to make your party less boring.

Planning an event at the park is easy in the middle of the summer. You don’t really need to worry about the comfort level of your guests in terms of frostbitten fingers and icicles hanging from their nose. Birthday celebrations particularly might be difficult to plan because you don’t want to be forced to stay inside the whole time. How can you brighten up your winter-time party when the clouds are covering the real sun?

1. Embrace the Winter!

If it’s nippy outside, bring the winter wonderland inside. Rent a covered space and decorate it with wintry silvery snowflakes, play snowball basketball, add in some fake white powdery trees and delicious chocolate fountains for dipping or drinking (hey, the water is frozen outside, so let the chocolate flow freely inside!).

Winter themes abound for table decoration too. The fresh whiteness of the snow can be a tremendous inspiration: lamps that create heat and light; a few colorful seasonal flowers to provide a pop of brightness; all white theme; mood lighting to mimic the lower light in the winter; snowballs or frozen flowers within ice as elegant centerpieces.

And if winter really has you bummed, recreate the park scene under a big top! Set up a volleyball net, throw a few horse shoes, offer those fun fair-type snacks such as popcorn, snow cones and more. Party Time Rental, Inc. offers all of these and more to make your party a success.

2. Cookie Decorating Extravaganza!

Consider this for your next birthday get together: ask guests to bring a batch of un-decorated cookies, home-baked or store-bought. You will surprise them with a smorgasbord of decorating options and space when you consider the options available at Party Time Rental, Inc. Put out a spread with an endless array of frostings, sprinkles, even let them do the cookie cutting there. This will no doubt be a memorable event for your guests. Then, when this is a success, try a cupcake decorating version.

3. Got a Bookworm in Your Family?

What about a favorite story themed party? Offer up a stage for attendees to act out favorite parts and offer off other little nooks to read, share and discuss. All of the reading is bound to drum up some appetites too. From punch bowls, to coolers, to coffee, offer guests a variety of libations. Then fill their stomachs with literary-themed foods to snack on. Anyone up for Edgar Allen Poe-tatoes?

4. Party into the Night

Clear skies are ripe for astronomy-themed parties. Consider a clear option to allow guests to enjoy the night sky. Even offer party-goers some constellations shone onto the roof of a tent or canopy and have fun identifying them before you find the real ones in the sky.

Start Your Winter-Time Party Planning Today

The sky’s the limit, although we can certainly help cover it when needed, when it comes to ideas for your next birthday celebration. The above inspiring ideas can get you started on your planning.

If you’ve dreamed up the idea, we’ve got the space and materials you need to complete the perfect birthday celebration.¬†Contact us¬†today to help you find the right products and dependable service at an affordable price.