3 Tips To Avoid Hosting A Boring Party

No one wants to host a boring party! Parties are a part of life that are typically thought of as fun and exciting. Attending one should provide an enjoyable experience for all those involved but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Here’s a few ideas on how to spice up your party.

Provide Games To Play

Games are not just for children’s parties. Check out Party Time Rental to rent a complete bingo game set up or maybe a Wheel of Fortune spinner to enhance your event. It’s also fun to set up sporty games if the weather allows, such as horseshoes or croquet. Give your guests some fun options as they mingle and chat. Don’t host a boring party! Rent a tent from us if there’s a chance for bad weather.

Put Out Bowls Of Conversation Starters

Parties will often bring together complete strangers and small talk can be plentiful but it’s typically the same questions asked over and over every time you meet someone new – “How do you know so and so?” “Where are you from?” “What work do you do?” Perhaps it could give your party a fun boost if you keep fish bowls of random questions for guests to ask one another, such as “What was the last book you read?” or “Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?” “Would you rather” questions can also make the conversation more lively!

Set The Mood For Fun

Make your party environment prime for having a good time. Pre-make a few cocktails so your guests don’t have to. Buy a few colored light bulbs and place them around to create mood lighting. Put together a playlist of fun music before the party so it can be your DJ and set up a disco ball above an open area to encourage dancing. Who doesn’t like to get down under sparkling swirling lights? You could also set up a snow cone maker for both adults and children to offer a rare treat for all to enjoy.

Planning parties doesn’t have to be stressful. Remember to have fun with it. And check out Party Time Rental’s catalog of high quality party products. Contact our experienced staff today to help! Call us today and find out why we’ve been in business since 1983!