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Dance Floor, Stage and Podium

Dance Floor, Stage and Podium

Will your wedding reception, party, banquet or other special special event feature entertainment, a speaker or dancing? Choose the event rental pros at Party Time Rental for quality products and dependable service. Delivery, set up and take down are available for all events.

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Dance Floor Rental

Dance floors come in sections that are assembled to the desired size.

Guidelines for dance floor size:

Wedding Reception – 4 sq. ft. per person

Dinner Dance – 5 sq. ft. per person

4x4 dance floor section

4×4 Inside/Outside

white dance floor

White Dance Floor Section

Stage Rental

Stage Sections

Stage Sections of Various Heights

Stages come in 4’x8′ sections and in heights of 8″, 16″, 24″ and 36″.

Guidelines for stage size:

Bandstand – 10 sq. ft. per band member

Drums – 20 sq. ft. per drum set

Piano (Spinet) – 30 sq. ft.

Piano (Grand) – 100 sq. ft.

Bar – 200 sq. ft.

Speaker’s Platform – 30 sq. ft.

Podium Rental

oak podium

Oak Podium w/ mic