Your Go-To Checklist For Hosting The Perfect Corporate Function

You’ve been put in charge of arranging a night of glitz and glamour for your next corporate function. But a successful corporate function needs more than just a few hors d’oeuvres and some champagne. It requires careful planning, budgeting, equipment, and delegating to the right people. No matter your budget, here is a go-to checklist to help that next event run smoothly. Because your next corporate function has to be more than just a good time. Your company’s brand is ever-present throughout the entire evening.

Budget First

You only make things harder on yourself if you plan an excellent shindig and then realize you don’t have the funds to make it happen. You’ll end up thinking you compromised and gave in. So, assess your entire budget first and then every element will have a total cost assigned to it before you fall in love with something out of your reach. Working with a professional event coordinator could help streamline your planning process and help you create just the right atmosphere.

A helpful tip to budgeting your event is using prepaid business cards. This way, each member of your team has a specific amount to spend on their assigned task. Keep your planning process efficient and track expenses at the same time.

Grab That Venue

Finding the right locale for your corporate function is probably more critical than the budget, especially if it is a particularly busy season. You need to consider its ability to accommodate your number of guests; your chosen event date; the catering set-up and flow; as well as any required audio and visual capabilities. Often, the perfect location is missing something. Rather than panic, design your own! Weather won’t halt the festivities when you consider tent and canopy rental. Food arrangement and table setup, as well as speaker presentations then become easier because you’re more in control of the layout of the event.

What Time Do We Eat?

No corporate function is complete without a delicious spread available to the guests. This next step on your checklist involves deciding how your guests will comfortably enjoy their meal. Whatever design you choose, from sit-down to buffet, it is critical that you arrange it to allow guests to mingle. Additionally, choosing to host an open bar brings another element into your design. If guests feel crammed in, you’re going to end up with some cranky donors and attendees.

Promote Your Corporate Function

A fabulous corporate function is only successful if people attend and enjoy it. Don’t forget to include time and money in your budget for promotion. These items might include signage and banners, keynote speaker photos and posters, and even other printed corporate materials.

Ready to Get the Party Started?

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