Throw A Casual Client Appreciation Luncheon

Throw a casual client appreciation party! Showing appreciation for your clients is always a good thing. You already know your clients are valuable to you. Not only are they providing you with business, but word-of-mouth marketing is as strong as ever. Treating them right means more clients in the future. Hosting an appreciation luncheon can be an informal, and surprisingly affordable way to spend some face time with your clients. It can also remind them that not only do you value their business, but they truly matter to you. In order to maintain longevity, positive in-person interaction with your client base is imperative.

A luncheon forgoes the restrictions that a dinner may have, and the lack of formality can help everyone feel at ease, and more likely to mingle with their fellow party goers. Depending on your industry, this is also a great opportunity for your clients to bring their immediate family along, to be a part of the festivities.

Regardless of the weather, you can host a memorable luncheon that will have your clients talking long after you’ve said your last “goodbye”. For an outdoor event, you can’t go wrong with an old fashioned barbecue, while an indoor space is ideal for a themed party. Keep it fun and focused on your guests, and you can’t miss.

Old Fashioned Client Appreciation Barbecue

Space: Even with the best planning, nobody can account for the weather, so it’s important to have a covered space, or tent for your guests to enjoy their meal. This is also a great spot for keeping finger foods and appetizers.

Food: Fresh fruit and crudités are classics, and when beautifully displayed inside of your space, will add a colorful, delicious option for those looking to snack. You want to make sure that any vegetarians or vegans will not leave your event hungry, so make sure to keep them in mind while planning out your menu. Nobody can resist the smell of barbecued food in the air. Stick to the basics, and you can’t go wrong. Don’t overwhelm yourself by offering too many grilled options.

Just before the end of your event, serving up cake can be a great way to cap off the day, or offer up snow cones or ice cream treats, especially if there will be any children attending.

Themed Lunch

An indoor luncheon will afford you protections from the weather (and the bugs), and give you some different options for decor. Have fun with your selected theme, and let the guests know about it in advance, so if they want to dress to match, they can do so.

Space: Try to reflect your theme wherever possible. Make sure to have props, or favors available for your guests to get in on the fun, and something to take home with them. If you are able to get your favors branded with your business or brand name, it’ll be even better for leaving a lasting impression.

Food: Depending on your seating arrangements, you can set up self-serve hors d’oeuvres stations. These are a great place for strangers to strike up conversation, and work up their appetites.

Buffet-style lunches will allow your clients to decide what they want, rather than a plated lunch. Be sure to keep your menu in the tone of your theme, and have options available for dietary restrictions.

Dessert is a must, and can really put the finishing touch on a themed event. For a cinema theme, a running popcorn machine and a scoop-your-own candy bar can be a lot of fun, while a 50’s theme might call for a variety of pies, and hand-scooped ice cream, or milkshakes.

You Can Do This, We Can Help

Whatever you choose to provide for your clients, be sure to greet each one as they arrive, and be sure to shake every hand before they leave. They are your valued guests, and making them feel as such is your top priority.

With high quality rental products from a company you can trust, you can focus on giving your clients a great afternoon without worrying about dealing with a multitude of vendors, or sourcing your necessities separately.

Just contact us today to talk to one of our professionals about your event needs, and experience our best-in-class service for yourself.