Plan a company party to thank your staff

An office party is a wonderful way to thank your team for a job well done. And, one of the easiest ways to make it fun for your staff is to hold the party outside of the office! In fact, after all those days of being cooped up in the office when the weather was nice, they probably deserve a little fresh air. 

If you want to really show your appreciation you don’t just want to set up in one of the picnic areas of a park somewhere. So, here are a few key things you need to do to make your party stand out. 

Food And Drink For Your Office Party

There is something that really gives a party an edge when the food is hot and not just a box lunch with subs and chips. Whether you get the local hot chicken place to cater your meal or you decide to go old school, your staff will be happy to have a hot meal while they hang out and relax. If you prefer, you can even go easy on your budget and serve hot dogs and hamburgers (nothing to bring people together like fighting over the spatula)

To add a special touch to the experience go for a cold treat for dessert. You definitely don’t want to skip dessert and some soft served ice cream after a hot meal will throw a little nostalgia into your shindig. 

Setup Beer Pong Or Corn Hole

Whether you are having alcohol or not, there is something people love about trying to throw a ping pong ball or a beanbag into a hole. It’s safe, it’s competitive, and it builds good morale as people team up, encourage each other, and make good memories.

The great thing about beer pong is all you need to bring is ping pong balls and cups, and we’ll handle bringing the 8-foot table you need to make the game a slam dunk! Want a few more games for your guests? On their blog, Best Backyard Gear shares the 15 best outdoor games for adults that will be sure to impress all your employees and their guests! 

Period Music 

If you can spring for an 80s or 90s cover band it will really add a bang to your sha-bang! But just putting together a playlist of some good nostalgic 80s or 90s songs and throwing down a floor to boogie on will have your staff talking about this event until the next one comes around.

Music is a must, and the more songs people know the more fun they’ll be having. If you do decide to go with a band you should also check out the great stages we have available for rent.

Rent A Tent

You will definitely need shelter to make this party a cut above the rest. A tent is a perfect combination of indoor and outdoor. There will be access to the grassy areas around the tent, but shelter from the sweltering sun inside the tent.

Tent rental is also the perfect way to cover yourself if you get rainy weather. You can make your event setup a breeze by contacting our full-time experienced staff. We care about you and will give you a quote on your high-quality tent, table and chair rentals with our best-in-class customer service.

We’ve been in business since 1983 for a reason. We’re here to help with whatever you need to plan and throw a party to remember. Contact us today!