Team building ideas include paddle boarding

The sun is out and burgers are on the grill! No one wants to be stuck inside working during gorgeous summer days. Fortunately, achieving that perfect work-life balance need not come at the expense of propelling your business to long-term success.

Summer is a great time to focus on team building. Peak months offer the best opportunity for strengthening employee relationships, structuring departments, and promoting corporate efficiency and cross-training.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and learned a few tips and tricks for hosting those team building activities! Create the best staff meeting ever with these work approved and fun approved ideas

Team Build Requires Creativity

Make the most of any outdoor space with tents to accommodate any size company. Our wide selection of available products is sure to ignite your creativity. Square linens (overlays) are ideal for a black-tie affair complete with mint juleps and live music, while banquet linens work well for a departmental picnic.

Looking to add a twist to your team? Get your employees on board with a carnivalesque celebration! A themed function is not only a great way to thank your crew for their hard work, but an efficient tool for engaging and involving staff in everything from decor to costumes to year-end goals.

Get Competitive

Nothing inspires a collaborative work ethic like a little friendly competition! Turn your office into an outdoor nerf war with prizes for best custom-built nerf gun, best team costumes, and — of course — overall winners of the day. Be sure to include chairs for spectators and a summer spread of burgers, hot dogs, and veggie skewers for a casual take on team building.

Get Outside

Remember, team building is a long term project, not a short term fix. Creating your super squad takes time! Enjoy the leisure of the great outdoors with a company-wide bonfire, paddle boarding trip, or softball tournament. If you’re looking for something more low key, a quarterly picnic can help set goals and incentives for employees to look forward to.

No matter how big or small your crew is, a team building day should be on your summer bucket list. The party rental professionals at Party Time Rental are here to help your business strive for excellence.