How To Make Your Party Less Boring With Trivial Pursuit

One way to make your party more interesting is to arrange it around a game of Trivial Pursuit. A recent article in HGTV has some helpful tips about how to set things up.

Divide Guests Into Teams

First, divide your guests into teams. Have them seated in the largest room in the house, comfortably separated from each other. Good refreshments, as with any sort of party, are important to get your guests in the mood for the competition. Who doesn’t like to play games after a great meal and a couple of drinks?

An Oldie But Goodie

A copy of Trivial Pursuit is key to throwing a good trivia party. The game comes in many editions. The standard version involves drawing cards which have six questions divided in the categories of:

  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Geography
  • Sports and leisure
  • Arts and literature, and
  • Science and technology.

Is There A Comic In The House?

Game play would consist of an MC, probably you as the game host, drawing a card and asking one team to answer a question in one of the categories. Give the selected team a minute, measured by a stopwatch, to answer the question correctly. If the team fails to do so, then throw the question open. The first team that answers the question correctly gets a point, which you should put on a whiteboard.

Offer A Prize!

You should make things interesting by offering a prize for the team that racks up the most points in the game. The prize could be cheap, such as a printed certificate as “Trivia Champion” or perhaps some coupons for money off movie tickets.

Holding a trivia party is especially a great theme for a corporate team-building exercise in which the questions pertain to your company, but it can be done in any kind of evening get-together. Some trivial pursuit games specialize in popular movies and TV shows, sports, and popular decades.

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