Hosting A Successful Health Fair For Your Employees

A health fair is a great opportunity to provide your employees with valuable information. Information they can use to improve their health. Read on to learn more about how these events can benefit your company or small business.

Ideas For Your Health Fair

  • Provide Screening and Testing – Finding time to get to the doctor for an annual physical can be tough. Offer blood pressure screenings, glucose testing, and hearing and vision tests at your health fair. This way, employees have a convenient place to check up on their health. These tests can encourage employees to check in with their doctor more regularly.
  • Reduce Stress and Get Moving – Stress can be a major drain on health, so a health fair can be a perfect place to address stress in the workplace. Offer massages, yoga, martial arts, or Zumba demonstrations. Provide mental health tips. Physical exercise is a great way to combat stress, so encourage employees to stay active! Help them recognize the signs of stress, and what to do to reduce it.
  • Offer Goodies and Giveaways – Invite local health organizations to set up tables or tents. Offer participants fun goodies like stress balls, oral hygiene items, and healthy snacks. You could even hold a raffle or drawing for those who participate. Employees will feel encouraged to come to the event if they know they will get some free stuff!
  • Educate Your Employees – Seminars with health tips can be attractive and helpful. Healthy cooking demonstrations, CPR training, first aid training can help your employees feel more prepared to make better decisions regarding their health.

Let’s Do This!

If you’re planning a health fair for your employees, be sure to make it fun and for all participants. Take the first step and contact us to find out more about the rentals we offer. If you’re holding your fair outside, you can rent tents from Party Time Rental, so people can enjoy your fair rain or shine. And of course tables and chairs are necessary for indoor or outdoor fairs! Party Time Rental has been in business for 34 years, and their experienced staff cares about making your event a great time for everyone involved.