[Blog] Hosting A Retirement Party To Remember

While retirement generally suggests a transition into an easier lifestyle, a retirement party doesn’t have to be a snooze! Retirement is a huge achievement and more than merits a celebration. And, there are many things you can do to commemorate this individual’s great service throughout the years.

Select A Fun Retirement Party Venue

Chances are the retiree has a favorite restaurant or lounge where they love to unwind. What better way to celebrate than to throw a retirement party at their favorite place? If the retiree is a more outdoorsy type, consider a backyard party. We have a wide variety of colorful chairs, tables, and linens to choose from. Consider choosing the retiree’s favorite colors to make them smile!

Compile A Scrapbook Or Large Bulletin Board

Let the retiree know you appreciate them by having a fun memento of their time at work. Have coworkers sign a scrapbook or bulletin board with their name and a message of goodwill. You can also add photos to really leave a meaningful impression.

Sharing Stories

Give retirement party guests the opportunity to share a few words about working with the retiree. They may recount funny stories or their favorite thing about the retiree. You can even make a game out of this: the best story, selected by the retiree, receives a prize!

Choose A Fun Theme

The retirement party should be themed around the retiree on their special day. If they were a teacher, perhaps have a cake decorated with an apple or chalkboard on the top. Maybe they were known for having pictures of dogs around their cubicle. Choose decorations and party favors adorned with their favorite breed of canine. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Playing Their Favorite Games

Play a card game, a board game, or a lively round of charades. Have the retiree’s coworkers and family engage in their favorite activity. This is sure to lift their spirits and create a lot of laughs.

We’re sure that you have other ideas for your cherished retiree, and we’d love to help you bring them to life with our renowned customer service. We are experts in party rentals for every type of gathering. Feel free to browse our website for a complete list of services offered or contact us for more personalized ideas.