Host The Best Retirement Party

Your favorite employee has finally reached retirement age or maybe is just ready to move on to the next stage of his or her life. A great way to celebrate that person’s contributions to your company, increase company morale, and encourage more employees to stay with you for the long haul is to host a retirement party that everyone remembers fondly. Here is how you make yours the company to retire from in style.

Set Up A Tent Dedicated To Memories

Everybody loves a museum and everybody wants to be appreciated. You can accomplish both by setting up a tent on the corporate grounds that is dedicated to the memory of the now-retiring employee. Showcase that person’s picture at the entrance of the tent and have people hang photos or small essays about their memories of working with your retiree.

You can put upĀ digital photo frames that have a slideshow feature on the tent walls to accommodate the memories too. This can also touch on the history of the corporation itself and will give lots of people the chance to reminisce about old technology and clothes.

Hold It During The Work Day

Make sure everyone can make it to your party by holding it at lunchtime on the last day the employee works. That way no one will tell you how they can’t make it because they have to hurry off to pick up the kids from the daycare.

It will also make the last day the retiree works something he or she can look back on fondly. The retiring employee is probably spending final work hours cleaning out his or her desk anyway, so you might as well provide some fun for the last day.

Bring The Good Eats

Nothing says ‘I appreciate all the work you did for us’ like ordering a person’s favorite food for the retirement party. You can have this brought in by a professional caterer or have people bring in their own variations. You can focus on finger foods if the retiree is a well-known snack lover, or you can focus on the retiree’s favorite type of ethnic food. This could be particularly fun if they are gourmands.

And if you really want your retiree to enjoy his or her party, contact Party Time Rental for the tents, tables, and chairs that will make your employees comfortable. We will be glad to make your retirement party something to remember.