Host A Recruitment Event To Kick Off Your New Year

It’s still early in the year! And, it’s time to put new business strategies into action, reach new customers, and hire new employees. If your company is looking to hire fresh faces, consider connecting with your local pool of applicants by hosting a job fair. Hosting a recruitment event is a valuable opportunity to grow your talent pool and make a lasting impression as an employer.

Show Off Your Company

Party Time Rental has everything you need to create a memorable visual representation of your company to draw in prospective employees. Above all, you are you looking for skilled and talented employees to grow your business. Similarly, new applicants are looking for an exciting and thriving company to work for.

How will you convey the culture and vision of your company at a job fair? Consider an interactive display of what your company does. Use spotlights and movie screens. Use color to enhance your company and its culture with tablecloths, a disco ball, pipe & drape, or even a red carpet

To light-heartedly draw people in, give away company branded swag. Raffle off prizes every 15 minutes, or hold a contest. Give away items relevant to your industry. For example, if your company distributes beverages, have candidates guess the number of bottle caps in a jar. This is an easy way for you to collect contact information from guests.

Plan For Everything

Some things to consider in hosting a job fair are:

  • The square footage needed
  • The number of tables needed to display your products and company information, and 
  • Tents and chairs to provide a separate quiet area to conduct on-the-spot interviews.

Get creative in choosing the location of your event. It could be in-house, outdoors in a park, or at a local venue. Wherever you host your event, contact us to assist in planning your job fair. This way, you can focus on hiring the right members of your team. Our availability of products and experienced staff will bring to life whatever theme you envision.