Host A Corporate Event

It’s that corporate event time of the year. It’s hot outside. The natives are restless. Your employees want to be outside. Your clients or customers want to be outside too. So, it’s the perfect time to hold a corporate event. It’s time to rejuvenate your relationship with clients, customers, and employees. Whoever your target may be for the event, it is imperative to give these people the best they deserve. Give some thought to how you organize the event to make them realize how valuable they are to you and the company.

Make Relationship-Building Fun

When people have fun, they start to shed their defenses and just be themselves. This is also when they feel comfortable enough to open up to other people with whom they have never interacted with before. Set up your corporate event in a friendly atmosphere to bring out the best in them. Encourage them to share with others. To break the ice, give them a variety of activities and facilitate open communication while they are having fun.

Create A Worthwhile Corporate Event

If you are looking into organizing a corporate event for clients, make it worthwhile. People are taking time out of their day to be with you. Respect that. Consider things like manned food stations, a mobile bar or cocktail offerings, onsite valet. Ensure your guests are comfortable and the venue looks festive. Remember, Party Time Rental has been in business for 35 years and counting. Take advantage of our extensive selection of linens, skirts, runners, tablecloths, and overlays with a full-time experienced staff who care about you.

Perfect It With A Run-Through

A run-through allows for an efficient and smooth program on the day of the event itself. Here, you can double-check equipment, audio-visual effects, menu items, and all other important details. Should you prefer an outdoor event, have a back-up plan in place in case something comes up. Better yet, rent high quality products and stylish tents from Party Time Rental. We have all sizes to accommodate different numbers of guests.

Incorporate Social Media Sharing

Everybody lives on social media nowadays. One way to make people feel fully engaged is to have the event go live on social media. To encourage them to take pictures, embellish the event area with interesting items where they can strike a pose with a selfie. Instagram-worthy cocktails are likewise a must using the beverage service equipment we offer with new reduced pricing on a number of their popular products.

When the partying is all done and it’s back to business, you can have the participants evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the event. Use the feedback to keep with the positive experiences and improve on the areas still needing work. To help you make it happen and make it better each time contact us today.