7 Tips to Host a Corporate Party

It’s always good to have a corporate party in order to build employee morale. You probably already have a party for Christmas. However, you can always find a reason to have some smaller corporate parties, either just for your employees or throw a party for your clients as well.

If you’re launching a new product or service, that’s a good reason for a celebration. If you’re moving to a new location, redoing your offices or hiring someone new, you can throw a party. Here are 7 great tips to help you host a corporate party:

These Tips Will Help!

  1. Put Up a Tent: Not only do tents give you more space for your party but they also give it a fun, outdoor feeling. Plus, you can get them in any size you want. Our best in class customer service will help you find something to suit your needs
  2. Come Up with a Theme: Your theme depends on what you’re celebrating? Here is a list of things to celebrate during the year.
  3. Send Out Invites: Even if you’re just celebrating something within the company, it’s nice to come up with an invitation and email it to everyone. There are many pretty templates you can use; you just have to write out the party information such as time, date, venue, etc.
  4. Food: If you’re just having an informal party, you can serve burgers, pizzas, pasta salads, etc. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, you’ll have to come up with appetizers, main courses, salads and sides, desserts, etc. Don’t forget to include a vegetarian option. Our catering equipment can be used for food preparation and serving.
  5. Games: This is always a good idea because games give people something to do during a party. You can always rent a game of bingo or a wheel of fortune. Availability of products is never a problem when you rent from Party Time Rental.
  6. Prizes: If you’re playing games, why not give out some prizes? Movie tickets or restaurant/shopping vouchers are always a good option.
  7. Seating: If you’re having a sit-down party with tables and chairs, make things a little interesting by seating people who don’t know each other together. Give them a chance to get to know each other! Also, avoid seating people hierarchically. At a party, there are no hierarchies.

Contact us for more great tips to host corporate parties. We can help you throw a party to remember!