[BLOG] 5 Tips To Make Your Corporate Event Less Boring

When was the last time you attended a corporate event? Were you bored to tears? A lot of times, people go to a corporate event simply because they have to.

If you ask them what they prefer, they would probably want to stay at home. This isn’t because they don’t have friends at work. Many people do hang out with work friends outside of work. But when it comes to a corporate event, they just don’t expect it to be fun. And most of the time, it’s not. What can you learn from this?

How Do You Make Your Corporate Event Fun?

  1. Casual Day: Most people go to the corporate event directly from work. So, if appropriate, why not make it a casual day? This way, everyone will be relaxed in their jeans and summer dresses and this will help them have a good time and relax.
  2. Give The Higher Ups A Day Off: This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be invited to the party. It just means that maybe they shouldn’t be organizing it. Let the organizational work be done by the employees who work under them. This way, you won’t be imposing the views of management on the workers. Presumably, this leads to more buy-in and engagement in the party itself.
  3. Make it Colorful: Having a lot of color in the d├ęcor makes people feel like partying. So make sure your decorations and linens are on the colorful side. With Party Time Rental, you know availability of products is never a problem.
  4. Do Silly Things: Sure, it’s a corporate event, but does everyone really have to act corporate? Why not pin the tail on the donkey, bob for apples or have a three-legged race? At the very least, play some bingo, trivia, or something else everyone loves to play. This is another advantage to letting your employees plan the event!
  5. Swag Bags: Everyone likes to have something to take home after a party, even if it’s just a few pieces of chocolate. If you want to get creative, you can throw in some costume jewelry for the ladies and eau de cologne samples for the men.

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