3 Tips For A Memorable Office Party

Take your office party from lackluster and plain to the talk of the new year! We’ve got three tips for lightening the mood and encouraging meaningful interactions among your staff. In business since 1983, Party Time Rental is here to guide your event to its fullest potential.

Digital Party Games

A common frustration of social gatherings in the digital age: people are more engaged in their smartphones than face-to-face conversation. A unique solution and surefire way to kickstart the festivities can be found in digital party games. From team-based efforts to the traditional battle of wits, the wide variety of multiplayer games available will provide your guests with plenty of options. The set-up is simple but a classic with a movie screenprojector, and console of your choosing. Looking to raise the stakes of friendly competition? The winning team gets to try their hand at a chance for a prize on the Wheel of Fortune.

Snacks To Please

Whether it arrives in the form of miniature desserts or chips and dip, appetizing snacks are essential for any successful office party. Slow cooker dishes like buffalo chicken dip and spinach artichoke dip are popular choices due to their simplicity and crowd-pleasing taste. Our high-quality food warmer and round chafer both available with up to eight quart holding capacity are sure to please in that department. To top it off, spice up the snack table with any of our extensive array of linens available in multiple sizes and colors.

Music And Dance

The right kind of music can breathe life into any otherwise mundane office party. Our full-time experienced staff is here to help guide your guests on to the dance floor by any means necessary. The dance floor itself is a great place to start. Be sure to contact one of our Event Specialists for recommendations on sizing based on guest count. A tent and decorative lighting are musts to achieve that achieve the perfect atmosphere as well.

Need assistance in making your gathering the highlight of this year? Our staff with best-in-class customer service are more than ready to help you along the way.