3 Things To Think About When Hosting A Corporate Function

Your corporate function requires planning. In the corporate arena, you may need to organize a training, an office party, a party for your clients or even a formal charity dinner (where people pay for a table and have the proceeds go to charity).

Some of these events are going to be very casual. You don’t want to make an office party too formal or people won’t mingle. But some of the events might be formal. People often come in black tie for a charity dinner. No matter what type of corporate function you are hosting, there are certain things you need to think about. Given that we’ve been in business since 1983, we’ve anticipated some of your needs.

  1. Location: Where are you going to have the corporate function? Are you doing it in the office itself, in some picnic spot or in a hotel? One great option, if you have an open area available to you, is to have the function in a tent. A tent is a great solution because it can be used for an informal as well as a formal event. Use a tent without sidewalls for a daytime, picnic-type feel at your party. Use a tent with sidewalls for a more formal event.
  2. Furniture: No matter where you are holding the event, you’re going to need tables and chairs for people to sit on. This could be in a tent, a hotel or even your own offices. Chances are you don’t already have enough chairs for the number of guests you’re having. So it’s possible to rent different types of tables and chairs. For a training, you might just have very few tables to display items and a number of chairs for people to sit on while they listen to the speaker. At a charity dinner, you’ll probably need round tables so people can sit in small groups.
  3. Decor: This is yet another thing to think about when organizing a corporate event. You may not think decor is very important for a training or an office party but it always helps to have a few items that will put people at ease. Some drapery around the tent or the hall creates a welcoming atmosphere. The same is true of tablecloths and lamps (if your event is taking place in the evening). Some flowers scattered around the tent in vases will help create a festive ambiance.

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