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It’s Not Too Late To Pretend It’s Still Summer

Summer may just be a memory for some of us. But we can always come up with an excuse to host a party. Looking for another reason to party before the first snow shows up and the jackets start coming out? Not quite ready to let go of the warm hug of summer?... Read More

Event Planning Do’s And Don’ts: The Not-So-Fun Essentials

Event planning is a skill set not everyone has. Not all aspects of planning an event include decadent desserts and confetti. However, our Event Coordinators are experts at walking you through a few essentials to keep your day or night running smoothly. Take a look at the following do’s and don’ts of event planning to prepare... Read More

Boring Party? Learn How To Spice It Up With These Tips

Boring Party. Fun Party. The difference between the two is the hosts of the fun party know how to spice up their parties so everyone has a great time. We want you to understand how to create parties that will be long remembered. So, we have put together a list to help you learn how... Read More

Planning The Guest List For Your Daughter’s Quinceanera

Whether your daughter’s fifteenth birthday is still several years away or you only have a few months to plan her Quinceanara, the guest list is an important part of the planning process. When in doubt whether you should invite someone, consider the questions fromQuinceanara.com. This will give you a starting point and you and your... Read More

Parties, Events, Celebrations… And Construction Projects?

There’s still plenty of good weather left for you to complete your end-of-summer construction projects. Tents, glassware, tables, chairs and more are the first things many people think of when they are planning parties, events or celebrations. But some or all of these same items can really come in hand when you’re working on a... Read More

Hosting An Event? Party Time Rental Has The Answers

Hosting an event can be stressful or fun. You have been asked by your boss to host the company’s upcoming career fair. What’s involved in hosting an event would be your first question. Before you start to panic, there is a company that has most of your answers. Your party rental supplier will have the information,... Read More

Planning A Back To School Celebration

  Shh… don’t tell your students but it’s almost time to go back to school. If you work for a university, college, or even a high school or middle school, you are probably planning some back to school events to welcome new and old students. Especially for colleges, welcoming your new students at the beginning... Read More

Plan Your Family Reunion Now!

  Summer Is The Perfect Time To Plan A Family Reunion Now is the time to plan your next Family Reunion. Kids are out of school so people can travel more easily. The weather is great for hosting outdoor events.... Read More

Summertime Means Parties, Events, Celebrations And More!

Summertime means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but for those of us in the party business, it means party time. Graduation parties, weddings, showers and family reunions. No matter the theme, no matter the type, we know that if you’re planning a party, you want to save money and throw the... Read More

How To Avoid Hosting A Boring Party!

There’s nothing worse than attending a boring party. Who doesn’t enjoy having a good time? Anyone can throw together a gathering but it needs some work to be fun. Some of the key essentials are yummy food, a nice venue, great music your guests can dance to, and most importantly, entertainment. Here are some tips on how... Read More

Party Planning Tips: How To Eliminate That Awkward First Hour

Party planning can be challenging. Be sure to include plans to get things started right. Set the tone for the evening. If you have ever been one of the first guests to arrive at a party, you know this scene: a handful of people are spread around the room, nervously tugging at their clothes and... Read More